Working capital optimization

Working capital is one of the few remaining areas which can deliver significant cash to the business in a relatively short period of time, without the pain that comes with large change or restructuring programmes. An increasing number of corporates are looking to optimise their working capital to tidy up their balance sheet, prepare a business for sale, calculate the hidden benefits of a potential acquisition or generate substantial amounts of cash to fund business investment programmes.

Our optimisation programmes also serve as a catalyst for identifying performance improvement measures, leading to increased profitability and instilling greater accountability across an organisation.

We work with CFOs and senior finance and operations teams, to develop and implement sustainable cash and working capital improvements. We transfer appropriate skills to the organisation's team through "on the job coaching" to ensure that the improvements are sustained long after our involvement ends.

The blend of functional, situational and industry expertise our team possesses is unique in the marketplace. Recent clients include multinational corporates generating strong profits, large to mid market corporates undertaking performance improvement programmes and financially stressed corporates.