Post merger integration

The merging or demerging of two or more organisations is complex. The best mergers or acquisitions follow a structured and disciplined approach, with clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans, and a focus on creating and capturing value.

Sounds simple enough. But the road of business is littered with failed attempts to bring two companies together. The resulting loss in shareholder value is staggering.

Deloitte’s Belgium-based Post Merger Integration team has supported over the last 3 years various important merger integration. The organisations that the team have supported deliver proven superior shareholder returns through the effective realisation of synergies or separation benefits and retention of best talent.

The approach taken by the team is highly pragmatic and is based on extensive experience of supporting clients with:

  • Development of integration or separation strategy and End-State vision.
  • Development of integration or separation blueprint.
  • Development of detailed implementation plans (Pre and Post Day One).
  • Coaching to the integration sponsor and key project managers.
  • Mobilising and coordinating the project teams around a well structured and managed programme.
  • Planning and managing the discreet actions required to complete the deal and ensure business continuity around Day One.
  • Planning and costing transition services agreements (demergers only).
  • Review and development of best organizational structure for the combined organization.
  • Tracking of synergy realization
  • Managing people and culture issues and programme communication.

All of these areas are supported by a comprehensive range of tools and methodologies designed to assist your management team to complete a successful integration. The team brings together a number of highly skilled business professionals all with cross-border implementation experience.

Please contact us for more information on our integration or demerger planning and implementation capabilities or to discuss your current M&A plans with our experts.

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