Fund raising & debt advisory

Need to raise capital for growth, expansion, a new product or venture, or restructuring?  The debt markets are increasingly complex, and rapidly changing. Fluid markets lead to constantly fluctuating institutional appetite, product availability and pricing making it difficult to keep abreast of and truly up to date with such a dynamic market.

For an independent perspective on the debt markets, and how to take advantage of them, contact the Corporate Finance Advisory team at Deloitte which will assist you in Capital raising, Acquisition/disposals and debt restructuring.

Capital raising 

We are experienced in a wide range of capital raising transactions. From traditional debt and equity growth financing to more complex restructuring or recapitalization transactions, we can provide you with access to international financing sources via our global network and help you structure and arrange highly customized financial solutions, including:

  • senior secured or asset-based loans,
    mezzanine financing,
  • straight equity financing,
  • growth stage venture capital,
  • later stage venture capital

We can help you analyze your existing debt arrangement and provide you with an opportunity to improve the cost and flexibility of your debt financing. Or we can help arrange senior and subordinated debt to fund acquisitions. If you need to fund or sponsor a recapitalization or a management buyout transaction, we can work with you to identify sources of senior debt, mezzanine debt and/or private equity. If your company is just getting started, we can help you access an extensive network of venture capital firms to identify and arrange growth equity financing tailored to your industry and stage of development.

Acquisition / disposals 

We can help you when considering acquisitions which may require additional debt finance and may involve more lenders, greater leverage/complexity an different terms, or provide a stable debt package to maximise sale proceeds.

Debt restructuring 

We can assist you in restructuring your debt if you might be experiencing:

  • a trading downturn which may create liquidity pressure, leading to a requirement for temporary or additional working capital
  • a stressed scenario where covenants and debt service are at risk or have been breached and renegotiations with lenders may be required
  • a credit ratings downgrade – rating agencies have a growing influence and their expectations need to be managed correctly