Enterprise architecture

picture pyramid of cubesAn Enterprise Architecture defines how IT components fit together to meet business goals. Deloitte Enterprise Architecture capabilities will help clients to provide the bridge between business need and the supporting technology. 

Businesses and organisations deal with constantly changing processes, services, business partners, mergers and acquisitions all of which have an impact on the Enterprise Architecture. A well designed EA will provide a holistic view of an organisation to advise on technology-enabled business transformation and will help shape technology programmes, that deliver the desired business objectives in the most cost-effective manner.

Deloitte advises CIOs on Enterprise Architectures with our Deloitte’s Enterprise Architecture Framework, to install a structured approach to describing and maintaining the current and future state of the strategy, processes, organisation and technology of a business, in order to support its business goals and objectives. The enterprise architecture capability group is supporting 4 offerings:

Enterprise Architecture Foundation

The EA Foundation offering ensures the design and delivery of Enterprise Architecture models (Blueprint) and associated toolset to capture and maintain architecture information about an organisation. This is done by looking into detail at the business and IT objectives in order to support IT enabled transformation, strategic technology decisions and manage the complexity and continuous change of a business organisation. An EA foundation project will typically deliver the required architectural models and views (business, information, applications & services and technology) to ensure effective communication between the different stakeholders to support the enterprise goals.

Architecture Function set-up

An EA function set-up project will typically deliver the following results:

  • A well defined scope of the architecture functions as well as the services and outputs that it will deliver.
  • Setup of communication channels and governance structures around enterprise architecture.
  • Definition of the organisation, roles, processes and procedures for the operation of the architecture function
  • Rollout of the architecture function within the organisation including the required communications and training.

EA Assessment

Quick scan of the EA function in all its aspects, which results in a number of improvement recommendations.

IT Innovation

Tomorrow’s 'new normal' business will demand a renewed focus on cost, risk management and governance, a smart embedding of innovation. Innovative changes offer enterprises the opportunity to leverage information technology toward significant business growth and continued optimization of business operations. Deloitte assists clients in setting up processes to embed and stimulate innovation at the heart of the IT organisation.