Enterprise Data Management

Getting to the root of the problem

Every business wants to serve its customers excellently and operate efficiently.  Supporting this goal are systems which automate operations in purchasing, manufacturing, supply chain, finance, HR and numerous other business areas.  These systems critically depend on high quality data, and data errors lead eventually to operational errors (such as wrong deliveries) which can be very costly to correct.

Enterprise Data Management is the group of skills and tools required to assess the quality of the data in an enterprise, to identify the key improvement areas, and to implement tools and processes that deliver results.  Far more than just technology, it also looks at the organisation itself, its strategy, the IT strategy, and many other aspects. 

How we can help

Deloitte has helped many clients in their efforts to solve today’s business challenges by fixing data problems at their source and across the entire data management lifecycle. Deloitte has access to a full range of services to help companies develop and execute an Enterprise Data Management initiative. We offer a team of experts with deep skills and practical hands-on experience ranging from short term assessments to very large scale, multi-year data migration projects.

Our major services offerings include :

  Deloitte Image  Advisory

    Deloitte Image Maturity Assessments and Data Quality Audits
    Deloitte Image Strategy development, Business Cases, Roadmaps, Architecture Blueprints, Tool Selection Advice, Process Design, Organisation Design and Governance

  Deloitte Image  Implementation

    Deloitte Image Data migration projects
    Deloitte Image Enterprise Data Management solutions (data hubs, data conversion & quality tools)
    Deloitte Image Data Quality Solutions (data profiling, data cleansing, data quality reporting)