Climate change risks & carbon management

A global response to a global issue!

Many management office and boardroom discussions about climate change go no further than the question “what are we doing about carbon emissions?”.

Given the current focus of regulatory discussion on greenhouse gas emissions, many companies are simply waiting to see the nature and timing of eventual limits. This corporate response is somewhat understandable; however, regulatory uncertainty risk is only one of many climate change implications that organisations need to address. Organisations should consider the broad range of climate change risks like, for example, physical and market risks. Indeed, climate change is a global issue and demands a global response.

Today many companies are looking for a service provider with global presence that can interprete the various regulations, opportunities and constraints that exist throughout their operations. Climate change creates needs that cut across the conventional service offerings. Companies thus benefit from integrated services across audit, risk management, tax, consulting and financial advisory. Deloitte member firms are not investors or traders in emissions markets and are in a position to give truly independent advice.

While climate change and renewable energy are relatively new topics, our practitioners have gathered a substantial amount of experience in the sector. Services provided include clean development mechanism (CDM) validation, joint implementation (JI) determination, emissions verification, climate change strategy, assurance, strategic, financial modelling and tax advice for renewable projects, emissions trading risk management, advice to governments on carbon policy development and more. Deloitte’s Climate change and Carbon Advisory services practice brings together professionals with diverse specialisations to address the range of emissions management issues in an integrated way. Our practice also brings together professionals with experience in European, North American and Asian markets. As such we are well positioned to provide advice to companies with global operations.

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