Carbon advisory service offerings

Below are samples of the various services provided by Deloitte:

Carbon management and climate change strategy formulation

  • Assess carbon footprint according to the standards most recognised such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064
  • Identify and model carbon emissions reduction opportunities by revisiting business processes and systems (building, mobility, supply chain, IT system...)
  • Integrated carbon emissions reduction and energy savings program within a cost cutting program
  • Perform a climate change risk assessment and integration of the climate-change challenges in the global corporate strategy
  • Implement carbon emissions reporting system and key performance indicators

Assurance and accounting

  • Conduct assurance engagements of carbon / energy / climate policies, practices and performance
  • Review and tests internal controls associated with greenhouse gas (GHG) management and reporting
  • Provide accounting advice for emission allowances and offsets, hedging and trading transactions under IFRS

Emissions verification, trading risk management and carbon finance

  • Conduct emissions verifications under the European Union Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading System (EU ETS).
  • Develop and document transaction processes and internal controls for companies that transact emissions allowances
  • Conducting risk assessment and implementing risk management framework
  • Transaction services, including financial advice
  • Tax credits and tax incentives identification, carbon tax risk assessment, tax structuring, ...

Carbon labelling

  • Perform life cycle assessment of goods and services provided by companies according to PAS 2050. Report and benchmark results obtained

CDM and JI projects design and development

  • Certification and validation of Clean Development Mechanism or Joint Implementation projects by an accredited UNFCCC DOE
  • Assess opportunities for developing Clean Development Mechanism or Joint Implementation