SAP & Identity management

Many organisations are considering or implementing a corporate-wide identity management system. These deployments are often driven by the need to simplify access to systems, applications, data and even physical locations. Few organisations are realising the opportunities of a sound identity management solution when combined with SAP:

  • A winning combination of SAP with well-implemented identity management offers coherent and centralised management of roles and identities to achieve a high level of internal control.
  • When the identity management solution is fed by SAP Human Capital Management, SAP Customer Relationship Management or SAP Supplier Relationship Management, the identities used to access functions and services are exactly the same as those used for your payroll, invoicing, memberships, etc.
  • When the identity management solution feeds an SAP Netweaver application, you can ensure that access to systems and premises is kept in synch with access rights to SAP-based portals

Why Deloitte?

To ensure a successful roll-out and synergic combination of SAP and your identity solution, Deloitte developed its renowned i-MAAP methodology, 'Identity - Management, Authentication, Authorisation and Protection'. Deloitte started developing its technology-neutral methodology in 1997, long before most software vendors started developing related applications.

Banking on Deloitte’s expertise in SAP implementations, i-MAAP fits seamlessly with Deloitte’s Process & System Integrity methodology, which in turn is based on the ASAP methodology. Based on your own priorities and architecture, we leverage standard SAP tools (CUA & EP6 User Management Engine coupled with a corporate directory) or full-blown third-party identity management products, such as those from Siemens and CA.