IT Governance

IT governance helps firms define who is responsible for what and how IT decisions are taken. It enables IT to adhere to business objectives and maximise value from investment. It can protect against failures that result from the misalignment of IT and business strategies. There is no single governance model that fits all organisations across all geographies or sectors. Some organisations give their CIOs a place on the board – or at executive level; others set up governance committees to drive IT; others lack a formal governance structure but embed their CIO more centrally within the corporate structure.

Why IT governance

IT governance delivers competitive advantage through the identification of the ‘utility’ and ‘innovation’ components of IT, steered by the CIO to create value. Whatever the maturity of your existing IT governance, we can help you take the next steps in building and strengthening it.

IT governance - How we can help

Deloitte’s IT governance services can assist with and advise you on the development of an efficient and effective ICT organisation and process(es) by aligning IT with organisational objectives. We help realising the promised benefits of IT through exploiting opportunities and maximising benefits, increasing efficiency/automation, decreasing costs and reducing complexity. We also advise on the design of an appropriate sourcing strategy.

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