Contract risk and compliance

In today’s business world, most organisations rely on increasingly critical and often complex relationships with third parties. Value creation frequently hinges on the effective management and control of the 'extended enterprise' created by these relationships. You have probably realised the need for extending your enterprise to create value – alliances, supplier partnerships, joint ventures, outsourcing – but have your risk management and control frameworks kept pace with this evolution? What assurance do you have that they are working effectively or are even fit for purpose in your extended enterprise?

Are you maximising the value of your strategic relationships with business partners who are using, franchising or reselling your intellectual property? Are you deriving maximum reward from these partner relationships?

Many companies license their intellectual property to others. Many also use providers to develop, manufacture, market, or sell their products. Such relationships - which define your extended enterprise - often hide opportunities for revenue enhancement, cost reduction or relationship expansion. This can be due to the complexity of the relationship or a reluctance to question a partner’s integrity. These relationships create risks, either reporting or operational in nature, or with respect to brand protection.

We help clients manage the risks associated with your extended enterprise and at the same time, optimise the benefits you derive from all of your external relationships.

Deloitte’s Contract Risk and Compliance services provide an 'end customer review' on behalf of a vendor in order to ensure compliance on software licensing, usage and reconciliation. We are experienced in:

  • Contract management, including distribution reseller and service-level agreements
  • Licensing, including evaluating compliance with the agreements governing the use of intellectual property (including software) and the terms and conditions controlling its use and/or distribution
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) processes

Our strength in this respect is that we can provide professional advice that is independent, global and experienced.

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