Risk & compliance monitoring (RCM) tool

Are you data rich, but information poor? Monitor your companies' clockwork

Are you dreaming about a cross-platform, cross-business and cross-country solution to better control your organisation, increase your financial security and increase opportunities for process improvements? Are you looking for one solution which brings added value to different corporate functions, supported by a multidisciplinary team of Deloitte professionals? Do you want to stop being a red flag company?

The 179 accounting reviews during the past two years revealed the presence of the following red flags:

  • Missing or erroneous master data such as VAT numbers, addresses, duplicate accounts (92%)
  • Conflicts between directors and suppliers/customers (76%)
  • Payments to bank account numbers which are not registered in master data (74%)
  • Entries between unusual G/L accounts (52%)
  • Tax reporting issues (46%)
  • Transfer of documents between customer/supplier accounts ( 44 %)
  • Double payments to suppliers (41%)
  • Accounts with concentrations of manual entries (33%)
  • Conflicts between personnel and suppliers/customers (28%)
  • Involvement with misappropriation of company assets (2%)