Due diligence investigations

Looking for expert assistance to help you avoid fraud risk inheritance?

If you or your clients are contemplating a new partnership, joint venture, merger or corporate partnership, perhaps you should consider the benefits of a due diligence investigation to avoid fraud risk inheritance. Due diligence has proven to be vital in identifying fraud risks and discovering ‘off-balance sheet’ issues.

Legal entities, independent from ownership, remain responsible towards the fiscal authorities. Non-regularisation of fiscal fraud can lead to fines of up to 200% for VAT-related issues and 309% for payments viewed as secret commissions. Imagine you are confronted with these fines for prior actions that were taken in a firm you recently acquired. Recovery of losses from former shareholders or owners is often impossible in practice due to the organisation of personal bankruptcies.

We use a wide variety of investigative techniques such as: 

Background investigations of companies

Conflict of interest reviews

Test presence of misrepresentations and non-disclosures of material facts or issues

Test presence of hidden debts

Test presence of fictive suppliers or use of false invoices

Test presence of foreign customers that are not compliant with VAT regulations or use false sales contracts

Fiscal fraud red flag testing

Money laundering red flag testing Bribery red flag testing

Test presence of data security risks

Test presence of other forms of non-compliance with laws and regulations

Forensic interviews