Deloitte Who's who guide

A guide to Deloitte’s media spokespeople

This Who’s Who guide is intended for journalists and Deloitte staff members. It provides an introduction to the firm and an indication of the expertise available and who can provide answers.

This information is not intended as a definitive guide to Deloitte. It will, however, provide a useful starting point to assist your navigation within the world’s largest professional service provider.

With more than 2,400 employees, Deloitte is the market leader in Belgium in the field of auditing, accountancy, tax and legal advice, financial advisory services and management consulting. Furthermore, our organisation can draw on specialist consultants in areas such as corporate finance and human capital. Our customers are international companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and government institutions, including many organisations familiar to you.

Within the prescribed statutory framework, Deloitte has developed a multidisciplinary approach that enables it to examine a company in a number of different ways, adopting both an overall view and an issue-specific perspective. Where the complexity of the customer’s problem renders this advisable, we harness the know-how and experience of various experts, so that customer needs are tackled along different lines of approach.

Details of who to talk to in all these areas follow, together with the appropriate point of contact for each case.