Tax due diligence & structuring

Identifying the taxation aspects of the Target as well as supporting our client in minimising the tax burden of the transaction.


Where Deloitte can help

What are cash tax flows post completion?

How can buyer protect itself against post completion taxes?

How can seller maximise post tax returns?

How can management be incentivised tax effectively?

How can buyer minimise transaction costs and post completion taxes?

Deloitte solutions

How Deloitte can help

Perform the analysis of the historical and forecast fiscal situation and risk assessment of the company and transaction in relation to the indirect and direct taxes.
  • Services include:
    • Tax due diligence
    • Tax review of SPA and indemnity
    • Tax review of model
    • Sell-side tax structuring
    • Buy-side tax structuring
    • Management Equity plan design
    • Optimisation of tax treatment of transaction costs
    • Implementation and execution of tax planning