Public-Private Partnership

Create value from innovative infrastructure delivery models

Evidence is everywhere of a large and growing gap between infrastructure needs and the amounts governments have invested in them: congested roads, deteriorating hospitals and schools, etc. Increasingly, governments are turning to the private sector for financing, design, construction, and operation of infrastructure projects. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are one tool governments have at their disposal for facilitating infrastructure delivery – a tool that requires careful application to reconcile public and private interests.

Deloitte has the breadth of resources to assist either the public or the private parties in all phases of the PPP journey. First, in the policy and planning phase as strategic advisor, our services include financing and fiscal needs assessment, capital plan development and budgeting, risk management profile creation including ESA95 analysis, and project management. Secondly in the transaction phase, as lead and/or financial advisor, we offer procurement process advisory, risk transfer identification and quantification, development of value for money benchmarking, revenue source advisory, financial modelling, structured project finance advisory, and bidder negotiation services. And thirdly we act as trusted advisor in the concession phase. This comprises contract management advisory, ongoing project oversight and monitoring, change management and business process redesigning.

Our multidisciplinary approach integrates the tax, legal, and accounting dimensions of all these tasks.