Performance and decisions

Having the right performance measures in place to take the right decision

Performance and Decisions will support organisations in enhancing their analytic decision making capabilities to overcome the challenges in a changing economy. It helps you in defining and monitoring enterprise performance metrics in order to deliver information needed to make business decisions.

Based on our Deloitte approach we lead clients to provide key stakeholders with accurate, timely and relevant information as to monitor performance against goals and objectives and to drive decision making. Therefore we focus on four main areas in order to improve speed, accuracy, efficiency and adaptability of the monitoring process:

Featured topic

  • Integrated performance management
    Over the past 10-15 years, companies have embarked on a variety of initiatives to reduce costs, improve cash flow and increase revenues etc.
  • Working capital optimisation
    In the ongoing pursuit of business performance improvement, one area often forgotten, or at least not fully accounted for, is working capital optimisation
  • Enterprise cost reduction
    Companies are permanently assessing the cost structure and looking for cost reduction opportunities.
  • Revenue assurance services
    Companies with significant volumes of transactions or invoices and complex billing systems and product offerings often face the risk of revenue leakages.