CFO Thema - CATCH the growth

CATCH the growth


Analysts agree on the fact that most of the financial crisis and the confidence crisis seems to be behind us and that the economies of the different countries are slowly heading towards better times.

This crisis severely hurts companies, some more than the others, but at the same time also created opportunities in the market.  An example of such opportunity can be found in the success of the discounters in the food & beverage market and more in general in the consumer business market.
Additionally, the crisis also drastically changed the rules of the game in certain industries, forcing the companies to adapt their business models to better or even just 'meet again' the clients’ needs and expectations.

When taking these elements into account, together with the structural changes in the customer consumption behavior, it is clear that companies playing a role in the current market scene have to seriously reconsider their position, their products/services and their pricing strategy.

Key questions

As an observer of these movements in the market, the CFO Integrated Service Offerings team of Deloitte is addressing the Chief Financial Officers with some key questions about their readiness to continue their business:

  • Have the rules of your market changed?
  • Have you adapted your business model to better meet your customers’ needs?
  • Have your strategic moves, mergers, acquisitions been fully integrated in the company business culture?
  • Has your finance organization changed together with the adapted business model?
  • Is your back office properly structured to assure the highest productivity?
  • Do you still have your working capital under control?
  • Do you know your costs? Is your cost-to-serve aligned with your value propositions and offerings?
  • Is your price strategy properly supported by your cost and margin drivers?

Are you ready to CATCH the growth?

Based on its Finance Transformation methodology, Deloitte CFO Services developed the “CATCH the growth” concept in order to assist the winning companies to gain as much advantage as possible from the upcoming growth.

The “CATCH the growth” concept

The Finance Transformation methodology considers that the CFO has multiples faces and roles to play in an organization especially in challenging times:

  CATCH the growth  

Clear The Strategist provides a financial perspective on innovation and profitable growth. He translates the expectations of the capital markets into internal business imperatives. In other words, he is assisting the company to have a much more clear view on what to do and how to do it.
Accountable The Catalyst establishes a structure of enterprise accountability for results, driving enterprise execution. He assures the disciplined execution of strategic choices.
Transparant The Operator dynamically balances the costs and the service levels in delivering on the finance organization’s responsibilities. He determines how to allocate the scarce financial resources to drive the greatest return on investment. He increases the transparency of the company’s operations.
CHecked The Steward manages the risks and preserves the assets while ensuring company compliance with financial reporting and control requirements. He checks that the operations are running under control.


Together, these complementary roles are the basis for the CFO’s to be(come) the real business partner of the companies.