European salary survey

Fourth edition

Deloitte Belgium has just released the fourth edition of its European Salary Survey. Organised for the fourth year in a row and carried out in Belgium and 18 other European countries (2 more than in previous years), the survey shows that Belgium is still struggling with very high labour costs, mainly due to the unrestricted social security contributions. The report summarises the most pressing findings and highlights with regard to net spendable income, company cars, taxation of passive income, legal and extra-legal pensions, headquarter companies and R&D.

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Full study  (click on title to open)

European Salary Study - 4th edition | Appendix - graphs

European Salary Study - 3rd edition | Europese Salarisstudie - 3e editie

Salary costs versus ‘net pay’ and ‘net disposable income’ - 2nd Edition

Salary costs versus ‘net wages’ and ‘net spendable income’ - 1st Edition