What we offer

Real Estate

Our Real Estate advisors have developed considerable expertise in most key activities of the real estate value chain. 


Case study "Sale & Rent-back transaction"
  • Assistance with negotiation and transaction structuring
  • Conducting real estate valuations and due diligence
  • Implementing an investment or sale strategy by initiating the real estate transaction
  • Structuring transactions in order to reduce VAT, registration duties or income taxes on real estate operations
  • Transforming or merging real estate companies into a SICAFI/VASTGOEDBEVAK, transferring real estate assets to a SICAFI/VASTGOEDBEVAK
  • Planning the purchase or sale of real estate from a legal perspective
  • Assurance on reliability of (non-)financial information and regulatory compliance


Case study "Business Park development"
  • Conducting market research and feasibility analysis to reduce risks
  • Assisting in the management of real estate developments
  • Belgian inbound and outbound investment structuring
  • Leasing, building right, long lease and usufruct structures


Case study "Real Estate Portfolio Analysis"
  • Designing debt and equity securitization strategies for real estate
  • >Assistance to raise real estate finance
  • Managing sale & lease-back/sale & rent-back transactions
  • Setting up PPP’s (public private partnership)
  • Optimization of financing structures from a tax perspective

Asset management/occupation

case study "Corporate Real Estate Services"
  • >Devising asset strategies which optimize the creation of shareholder value
  • Identifying ways to reduce total occupation costs
  • Assisting with business process outsourcing
  • Helping select and implement real estate information systems
  • Optimizing VAT deduction in the scope of rental agreements
  • Lease analysis

Real Estate law

  • Civil property law and contract law relating to property
  • Town planning, environmental rules and registration duties regulations
  • Legal due diligences and structuring of full ownership, rights of usufruct, leasehold and easements
  • Filing for environmental and urbanism permits and drafting/negotiating contracts with architects, engineering firms, surveyors and building contractors

Global location & facility services

Have you ever asked yourself:

What is the best place to penetrate the new markets of Europe, Asia and the America's?

Do I need to relocate or should I rethink my business to maintain our competitiveness?

Is there a new location where we can start immediately?