What is our added value? 

Real Estate

Our value proposition at Real Estate is to provide high value-added services to assist organizations in efficiently planning and managing their real estate in the most effective way.

Competition and ever changing business conditions require the most effective real estate solutions and competitive cost positions. We have found that companies use Real Estate when faced with some of the following challenges:

  • Due to business evolutions and/or mergers, your property portfolio has become fragmented; you need a strategic real estate perspective in order to support informed decisions about your facilities.
  • Your business is growing and/or changing faster than your real estate deployment; you need innovative and flexible property solutions that support your business plans.
  • You wish to divest from real estate but need access to the investment market, negotiation assistance and deal structuring.
  • You wish to optimize your investment in real estate from a tax perspective.
  • You wonder whether you can optimize the financing of your real estate by freeing up cash for reinvestment in your core business.
  • You are wondering whether to incorporate or outsource your facility management functions.
  • The current market value of your properties is not known, or is significantly greater than its book value or utility value.
  • Your property costs have not been effectively measured and controlled.

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