Life sciences & health care

About life sciences & health care

The industry is tackling many challenges and is changing dramatically.

Declining R&D productivity and loss of exclusivity are definitely top issues on the agenda.

Further, in the context of decreasing government budgets for new drugs and pharmaceuticals, as well as increasing regulatory scrutiny, it becomes even more challenging for Life Sciences companies to get lead times between discovery and new drug launch within acceptable timeframes at acceptable costs. Meanwhile, maximizing revenue from in-line products is becoming increasingly critical.

It is also clear that the current business model is not suitable anymore to handle all of this. In the years to come, huge innovative changes can be expected with new types of partnerships throughout the whole life cycle of a drug.

Finally, it becomes clearer everyday that drug making is no longer the core business of LS companies. Their focus is increasingly shifting to the total health solution for a disease area. Hence, prevention and role of LS firms in the full disease management are crucial.

This website has been developed by Deloitte for all stakeholders in Life Sciences and Health Care to provide a sample of possible solutions to address the challenges ahead and to provide “food for thought” for Life Sciences companies to build this new business model.

Eric Nys  
LSCH Country Leader