Optimize R&D

Industry challenges

Nowadays R&D organisations are under huge pressure as their productivity remains unsatisfactory despite the massive increases in R&D spend and significant efforts on improving operational excellence.

Due to the poor R&D results the last couple of years (very low new molecular entity approvals) and with the fact that 25% of big pharma sales go off patent by 2012, immediate actions are required, the current business model has to be re-invented.

The R&D practice of the future will have to cope with:

  • Increasing development and patients cost;
  • Patient safety as key factor for confidence and trust;
  • Efficient pipeline management to improve the output;
  • Appropriate Intellectual Property management to facilitate innovation;
  • Evolving stakeholder climate;
  • Multiple partnerships within the complete R&D value chain

In order to face these industry challenges, most companies will need to answer the following key questions:

Key questions

  • How can we accelerate the R&D cycle?
  • How can we optimize & manage our portfolio?
  • How should we manage our Intellectual Property?

Deloitte offering - Selected approaches & credentials

Deloitte has helped several big life sciences companies:

  • To Improve R&D governance in the drug development process
  • To streamline the different clinical R&D process flows
  • To better use the clinical data in order to improve safety management, risk management and diminish regulatory exposure.