Build well-governed organisation & manage talent 

Industry challenges

Given the current challenges to be tackled, it is clear that the Life Sciences  company of the future will probably look completely different.
With more outsourcing, more stakeholders involved, more regulatory requirements, more financial investments, .., the overall complexity of a life sciences company is definitely increasing significantly.
From a governance point of view this means that appropriate risk management should be implemented to maintain operational efficiency and financial integrity, to guarantee highest security and privacy standards, to comply with regulatory requirements and last but not least to cope with technological challenges.
From a talent point of view, this new model requires adapted skills/expertise:

  • Manage changing skills requirements: new sales models are implemented with more focus on specialists, R&D organizations are transforming towards open business models and health care providers need to implement a higher cost focus from practitioners, …
  • Attract critical workforce segments: scarce technical, engineering and scientific profiles should drive future R&D growth and innovation
  • Retain critical workforce segments in an environment of organizational changes, post merger integrations and labor cost reductions

In order to face these industry challenges, most companies will need to answer the following key questions:

Key questions

  • Is your organization adapted to tackle current business challenges?
  • Do you have an approach to manage risk that matches your organization's complexity?
  • Do you have (the right) talent strategy & solutions?
  • Can you improve your work solutions?

Deloitte offering – selected approaches & credentials

Deloitte provides companies  with a broad range of services surrounding governance and enterprise wide risk management:

  • Conducting risk assessment and mitigation programs
  • Assessment of an organization's risk management maturity
  • Development of governance and control frameworks

Concerning talent management, Deloitte is delivering the following services:

  • Traditional HR (Optimize HR Processes; Competency management and job design; Performance management; Support organizational re-design; Support optimization of the “support” departments)
  • Talent management (Develop talent strategy and roadmap; Talent identification; Strategic workforce planning; Rewards transformation; Succession management)
  • Post merger integration assistance on organizational, HR and change level
    Implementation of HR Solutions (SAP HR, PeopleSoft,...)
  • Change management to support organizations transitioning towards a new organization structure, role or IT Environment.