Life Science Insights, January 2010



Ensure alignment of health economics with marketing and sales strategies: “The Game”.

Bringing a strong value message, substantiated with health economic arguments, will help to differentiate products and to communicate evidence-based value to all stakeholders. “The Game” was developed for coaching participants without any health economic background in how to identify and transform health economic data into convincing evidence-based arguments that support reimbursement, funding, prescription, etc.

Patient-level data, through Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, revolutionising the Life Sciences value chain

Imagine you could use longitudinal patient level data either in research to support the identification of disease mechanisms, in clinical trials to decrease patient recruitment cycle times or in post-marketing surveillance to support outcome studies on the effectiveness of treatments.

Managing talent in a turbulent economy – Leaning into the recovery

Since January 2009, Deloitte together with Forbes Insights have been conducting a year-long longitudinal talent series surveying global executives and talent leaders across all industries worldwide. The survey aimed to find out how executives have been managing their workforces in times of crisis and whether they have developed effective strategies for the economic upturn.

Did you know?

Deloitte was the main sponsor of the Financial Times pharmaceutical and biotechnology conference
Researchers at the Ghent University are at the front row in research on septic shock
Scientists mapped the genetic code for two cancers (skin and lung)