Triggering the tax advantage


In addition to realigning your tax approach with your business plans, every area of tax currently paid should be reviewed for opportunities to:

  • Increase or speed up tax repayments;
  • Reduce or defer tax outgoings.

As well as improving the cash position of your business, all strategies should deliver earnings benefits – with VAT and Employment taxes strategies directly increasing pre tax profit.

Risks and challenges

  • Have you assessed how a review of your tax position could result in significant savings?
  • Have you identified key areas for savings around Corporation Tax, VAT and Employment taxes/Social security.

How Deloitte can help

Our dedicated team of tax professionals works closely with you to understand your organisation's global goals and strategies, and how industry and economic trends affect your business. At Deloitte, experts in various disciplines form one team, taking a 360° view of your situation.