Unlock the potential of R&D tax incentives in the Financial Services Industry

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April 19, 2013 11:00 AM

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April 19, 2013 12:00 PM

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Did you know that Belgian tax law offers several tax incentives, which support companies in their R&D activities and thus stimulate innovation? 

Once considered the province of people in white lab coats, R&D now covers a much wider range of innovation and research in a variety of fields, and by different players in different industry sectors, including the Financial Services Industry. In the FSI sector, the R&D activities may be performed by IT scholars, engineers and consultants rather than scientists, but are nonetheless innovative and often qualify for R&D tax incentives.

This webinar gives you an overview of the available R&D tax incentives and gives you also a clear idea about their correct practical implementation. We furthermore discuss the draft law increasing the wage withholding tax exemption percentage from 75% to 80% and introducing new reporting and documentation requirements.

The following topics are treated:

  • Which activities are eligible R&D activities? What is meant by R&D, in particular for the FSI sector?
  • Which tax incentives are available? (investment deduction/tax credit for R&D investments; payroll withholding tax incentive for R&D employees; patent income deduction and the application thereof)
  • Avoid errors! How can you link R&D activities to the possible tax incentives and how can you demonstrate this correctly to the tax authorities? How can you fulfill the requirements allowing you to benefit from these tax incentives?

Wim Eynatten                         
Partner - Deloitte   

François Gevers
Director - Deloitte



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