Introduction to DQM using SAS DataFlux

The business value of data

Course Description 

This instructor-led training will provide the participants with a proper overview of the basic functionalities of SAS DataFlux following their Plan, Act, Monitoring cycle to improve your Data Quality Management projects. This will allow you to have a good understanding of the tool and the added value for your projects. The course is organized as a hands-on training where participants get the opportunity to work SAS Dataflux by means of real-life business cases. We will not focus on stand-alone theory but translate the tool usage to your daily activities. 

Course Objectives 

  • Understand why Data Quality Management (DQM) is needed. 
  • Data Quality techniques: Profiling, Cleansing and Monitoring. 
  • Obtain good basic experience with SAS DataFlux. 
  • Be able to implement and work with SAS DataFlux on your own project(s). 

Course Duration 

1 day 

Course Audience

  • Business process owners.
  • Data Stewards: people responsible for data content, context, and associated business rules.
  • Data Custodians: people responsible for the safe custody, transport, storage of the data and implementation of business rules.
  • Data Owners: people responsible and accountable for data accuracy, integrity, and timeliness.
  • People involved in Business Transformation, Analytics and BI/DWH projects.

Course Prerequisites 

There are no prerequisites. 

Course Topics 

  1. Introdution: Deloitte’s Data Quality Framework.
  2. SAS DataFlux positioned to the Framework – the virtuous circle.
  3. SAS DataFlux Hands-on.