IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced

Course Description 

This instructor-led training is designed to introduce IBM Cognos 10 Workspace and how it can be used to create a professional ad-hoc reporting and analysis environment on relational and OLAP data models using the IBM Cognos 10 Business Analytics platform. 

Course Objectives 

  • Understand the difference between Workspace and Workspace Advanced. 
  • Create professional and dynamical reports on relational data as well as on cubes (OLAP).
  • Assemble your own optimal ad-hoc analysis environment. 
  • Construct your own interactive dashboards. 
  • Integrate with Report Studio Professional. 
  • Work with dimensions and measures, create calculated columns. 
  • Create drill-able reports and use prompts and filters. 

Course Duration 

2 days 

Course Audience 

Business Analysts. 

Course Prerequisites 

  • Knowledge of Cognos Connection. 
  • Knowledge of Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Report Studio helps to better position this new tool in the complete set of Cognos 10 Business Analytics tools. 

Course Topics 

  1. Introduction. 
  2. The basics. 
  3. Relational vs. dimensional data. 
  4. Insert relational data in lists and crosstabs. 
  5. Insert dimensional data in lists and crosstabs. 
  6. Calculations. 
  7. Visualize data with charts. 
  8. Visualize data with charts: dimensional data. 
  9. Use clipboard to save a report. 
  10. Format your reports. 
  11. External data. 
  12. External data: Relational data. 
  13. External data: Dimensional data. 
  14. Running reports.
  15. BIA in the IBM Cognos 10 platform.
  16. Exercise.
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