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  • Forum 2014
    Forum 2014 will be dedicated to new and projected tax and legal measures and trends with a mix of plenary sessions and workshops
  • HR Excellence Awards 2013
    Deloitte Belgium awarded in two categories
  • Financial Close For Tax
    An interview on how organisations are improving the period-end close for tax through changes to people, processes, data and technology
  • European VAT refund guide 2013
    Rules and procedures to obtain a VAT refund in 31 European countries
  • Belgium Budget 2013
    Tax measures in the Budget and Budget Control agreements
  • Economic stimulus plan
    Measures for renewed economic strength
  • Let's talk about tax
    Recruiting good people is in the lifeblood of our firm
  • Deloitte Academy
    Learn to succeed
  • Dbriefs
    Staying connected to all the latest tax issues and strategies
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