Eight solutions for major capital projects

Enhancing mega project execution

Major capital projectsBeing a capable manager, operator or investor is not enough to drive a successful major capital project anymore. Constant market and industry disruptions mean that ‘on time’ and ‘on budget’ targets change drastically from week to week. Having the right information at the right time that is relevant and easy to comprehend, backed with skilled, industry specific advice brings real value to today’s mega project managers. 

Our industry practitioners use tools and methodologies specifically designed for major capital projects, as well as a wealth of experience to guide you through volatile times and mitigate risk - allowing you to get on with the job of making informed execution decisions.

Eight solutions for major capital projects

Well managed projects lead to successful programs. Defining how the program is established, how it is run and what the management system should be are key to creating a platform that enables success.

Our governance solutions range from high level program governance reviews to specific assessments of correct program structure, risk management interfaces and business operating models.

Risk and compliance
The ability to manage and mitigate risks is core to the success of any program. Given the high impact nature of large projects, the level of oversight, governance, risk management and assurance needs to be heightened.

We provide insight into the risks and mitigation solutions across a spectrum of specific major capital project requirements including: program structure, program performance, specific risk and compliance requirements, health and safety, construction management and constructability, contract risk and performance, procurement risk, budgeting and cost management and readiness risk management.

Capital efficiency
Major capital projects are by their nature costly and dependent upon significant capital deployment. Our capital efficiency solutions focus on four key areas of the capital chain:

  • The need for capital – assessing how much capital is required, what elements can be better managed off balance sheet and what the underlying economics of the project and commercial models for delivery are
  • The source of capital – enabling asset sale, finding sources of funding for projects and delivering realised assets to the market
  • Cost of capital – addressing the cost of underlying capital such as tax requirements, joint venture intellectual property structure, audit and assurance services and business case assurance
  • Use of capital – providing insight and options in capital management throughout the execution of the program.

Cost Management
Our cost management solutions assist in driving down costs during the construction process and improving operational efficiency for early deployment units or post go-live design.

The cost reduction projects are deployed using our industry teams with significant experience in the field, on-site with customers in their remote locations.

Our major capital projects technology solutions address the importance of better leveraging technology in:

  • Construction management – leveraging analytics, better document control and insightful project planning and reporting
  • Core business systems – investment in building business systems around the major program including ERP, information management, integration, asset management and IT strategy
  • Innovation platforms – focusing on mobility to support efficient operations, contractor management, safety and compliance, community engagement and workforce integration.

Construction management
Our team includes a large number of construction specialists who have experience working with major construction programs in Australia and around the globe.

Our construction management solutions cover:

  • Work package and contract design
  • Earned value management
  • Supply chain management
  • Safety and compliance
  • Land access management and community engagement
  • Water management and brine management for call seam gas
  • Contract dispute management
  • Contract forensics.

A common challenge for projects managers is getting the right skill, at the right price, in the right location. With so many of our programs deployed in non-capital cities, the ability to cost effectively deploy talented resources within a budget is key.

Our human capital solutions cover traditional areas, such as, organisational effectiveness, sustaining change, training management, as well as ‘people supply chain’ – that is not only knowing what ideal skill and people solution should look like but making it happen in a likely offsite, budget constrained environment.

Our people supply chain solutions cover additional elements such as FIFO operational deployment, skills assessments, workforce planning (for teams and organisations) and training management and compliance.

Operation readiness
We understand that the completion of a major capital project is just the start of the main game; creating shareholder value. The goal of any readiness program is to successfully deliver an asset, getting the operation up to nameplate production (and beyond) as soon as possible and creating a sustainable business within which to manage that and potentially other assets.

True readiness:

  • Is established early
  • Covers all elements of the business
  • Provides clear direction on inter-dependencies and responsibilities
  • Deploys a management system through design and construction that is carried through to operations.

Our approach splits the operational readiness program into four main phases:

  1. Assess your readiness
  2. Define your readiness approach
  3. Execute to plan
  4. Complete the handover to operations.