Government Services

The government is committed to innovation and believes it is imperative to Australia’s future – its economic strength and ability to compete in the global economy. The National Innovation Review is leading Australia into a new era of innovation and critical to its success is the Government Services sector’s lead in proactively pursuing and incorporating innovation into its practices on a federal and state level.

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Government Services podcasts

  • Venturous Australia – building strength in innovation
    How government and business need to invest in, renew, re-imagine and restart innovation in Australia is the topic of the radical report - Venturous Australia – discussed here by author and National Innovation Review Chairman Dr Terry Cutler and Gerhard Vorster Managing Partner Consulting and leader of Innovation at Deloitte (15 mins 51 secs).
  • Using SMS technology for school communication
    Deloitte Corporate Finance Partner, David Hill speaks with MGM Wireless CEO, Mark Fortunatow about helping schools communicate with parents by text messaging.
  • e-Health: Benefits and challenges
    Alan Eckstein and Adam Powick, partners in Deloitte Consulting talk about e-Health with Andrew Howard, CIO of the Victorian Department of Human Services.
  • Innovation – the catalyst for growth
    Deloitte R&D partner Sergio Duchini speaks with Professor Robin Batterham about the practicalities of fostering innovation in an organisation.