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Innovation challenge

Deloitte | Deloitte Fastrack - Innovation challenge

What is it?

  • A student team competition, run as a unit of study or major project, designed to train potential Intrapreneurs in the skills critical to successful business innovation
  • Students join Deloitte's globally recognised innovation program
  • Students are challenged to develop $50M business innovation for Deloitte, our clients or Australia, supported by Deloitte coaches and mentors
  • Highly ranked in international benchmarking*, competition across multiple Universities
  • Challenge can be customised to support a differentiated focus
  • $10K in national prizes, recruitment and networking opportunities for students.

2010 University of Sydney FASTRACK challenge (special intensive unit category) ranked #2 (9.45/10) for overall student satisfaction across 27 Centre for European Management Studies Universities.

How does it work?

  • Universities and Deloitte partner to customise and manage program
  • Proven innovation methodology and content which meets academic requirements
  • Experienced innovation facilitators and supporting technology platforms.

"The FASTTRACK Challenge is an exciting initiative for me as it combines two key strategic themes for Deloitte - talent and innovation.The challenge gives students the opportunity to learn more about us, and also for us to learn from them..."

Giam Swiegers, CEO
Deloitte Australia

“The Fastrack program has allowed me to become more aware of problems and possibilities in my everyday life, encouraging me to think more actively about innovative solutions rather than accepting products and services as they are.”

Alana Holleselle, USYD

'The course is challenging and constantly pushes you out of your comfort zone but is extremely rewarding. I think the emphasis on teamwork and dealing with real world problems make the fastback challenge far more practical than most university courses, and the skills learned far more valuable in the workforce.'

Jake Muspratt, Griffith University


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