Social media at Deloitte

Participation, communication, transformation


Social media at Deloitte“In a connected world, power shifts to those best able to connect”. Connecting, innovation and people are key planks in Deloitte Australia’s strategy.

So it is natural the firm should lead when it comes to social media

Social media is about socialising in communities online – sometimes leading, sometimes connecting and sometimes following. It isn’t a monologue, one group or business, talking to a passive audience. Rather, social media is a collective. Many people talking to many. And being able to do so, when they want, where they want, and how they want.

Connecting through emails, blogs, wikis, web, video and photo sites, social media isn’t necessarily about going to a particular place. It’s more about coming together. Networking and connecting in a new, more equal and progressive way. 

To be ‘best able to connect’ means to move away from a destination mindset and toward a distribution mindset. To be where people are and to participate in a way that speaks to them directly. To do that means to be in people’s personal environments – Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, Twitter etc.

The price of entry is relevance.

Fortunately ‘being relevant’ and ‘being connected’ are characteristics of Deloitte’s brand. So is innovation: ‘creating value with something new and different’. It is natural therefore that this member of a Big Four global professional services organisation embraced social media.

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