Green supply chain management: opportunity today, imperative tomorrow

Green supply chain

Rising consumer awareness about where products are sourced and how they’re made is focusing attention on supply chain management practices. Add in higher transportation costs and commodity prices, and you begin to understand why companies are thinking about ways to 'green' their supply chains.

Implementing green supply chain management is not just about responding to concerns about climate change or product safety. A greener supply chain is often smarter, leaner and more efficient than one that doesn’t factor in environmental, social or sustainability issues.

In this podcast, Stephen Brown, a partner with Deloitte Canada’s Supply Chain practice, and Valerie Chort, national leader of the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability practice, explore the idea of green supply chain management. Learn how 'green' initiatives in product formulation, R&D, packaging, logistics and transportation can contribute to a more sustainable supply chain.

Listen to  'Green supply chain management: opportunity today, imperative tomorrow' (MP3 23MB), a Deloitte Canada podcast.

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