Overview and Our services

Korean services group

Korean services group | Overview and Our services

The Deloitte Korean services group (KSG) has been formed to help Korean companies identify and capitalise on business opportunities in Australia. It is part of a world-wide network involving 30 Deloitte member firms globally offering services to the Korean community.

Access to global, regional and local experts

Deloitte KSG is comprised of Australian nationals, Korean expatriates and seconded personnel from around the globe. They are experts in their fields from audit, tax and risk management through to financial advisory and consulting. They are all experienced in dealing with multi-national companies.  

Ensuring global service standards

Our KSG clients receive the same high level of service that all of our Deloitte clients have come to expect from us and which we are proud to deliver on.

Global teams, global relationships

As appropriate for the account that they are working on, Deloitte Australia KSG practitioners are in contact with colleagues around the world including our Deloitte Korea offices. Working in the Australian business environment determines the direction of each of our client activities.

Our Services

At Deloitte, we’re proud to offer our client’s a comprehensive range of services.   Our intimate knowledge of both the Korean and Australian business environments enables us to advise our clients in the following areas:

•  Consulting •  Taxation
•  Risk Services •  Audit
•  Corporate Finance •  Business Advisory
•  Corporate Reorganisation  

We also address specific needs in the areas of financial advisory, business process improvements, CFO and accounting services, expatriate relocation and planning and information technology systems.