Chinese services group (CSG)

Welcome to Deloitte's Chinese services group (CSG) website.

CSGCSG focuses on serving Chinese clients wishing to invest or undertake business operations in Australia. The Australian CSG has an integrated team of specialists in both Australia and China.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for cross-border investments and operations in Australia. Our experts’ international business experience and multi-cultural knowledge can provide you with the competitive advantage you need to succeed in international business. For general enquiries, please contact us here.


CSGCSG旨在帮助中国企业在澳洲投资或是设立营运机构。德勤澳大利亚分所的中国服务小组,汇集中澳专业人才,为您提供全面综合的专业服务。中国服务小组集团队之优势,为客户的跨境投资活动及日常经营活动提供广泛的服务。我们的专业团队凭借丰富的国际业务经验及对多元文化的了解,为您在国际商业环境中获取成功创造必备的竞争优势。 联系我们

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