Cyber Security

You will be hacked

Cyber attacks and hacking are increasing in Australia and globally, as shown by World Economic Forum cyber security principles. CEOs and boards must now be prepared for cyber security attacks, cyber hacking, cyber corporate espionage and cyber terrorism. Cyber security is not just a compliance issue. Cyber security is a business risk and needs to be a top priority for CEOs.

We recognise the difficulties challenge facing CEOs, Boards, CIOs and risk professionals ensuring their organisations are well protected. Cyber security is an ever present risk and the range of defence strategies, tools and security advice on offer can be daunting.

That’s why, we have combined the best of our international cyber experience and organisational strategy to help you to protect your organisation now and mitigate your cyber security risk in the long term.

Deloitte is a recognised leader in cyber security.

Watch videos

Our second film was developed in conjunction with Symantec, one of Deloitte UK’s key alliance partners. [4:39 mins]

Are you doing enough to protect your business? [2:23 mins]
Companies like yours - Bringing to life the consequences of a cyber attack in a company like yours. [6:14 mins]


Find out more about our security services. Find out more about our security services.


What does this mean for your industry?

Financial Services


  • Identity access management
  • Security Transformation\
  • Vulnerability/ Cyber assessments
  • PCI
  • Security Management
  • Data leakage.

Energy and Resources


  • Cyber security management
  • Business continuity Management
  • Crisis management in disaster recovery
  • Data leakage.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications


  • Security strategy
  • Security transformation
  • Data leakage
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Disaster Recovery assessments
  • SCADA control systems.