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Risk in Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Digital, convergence, rapid technological and business model changes, infrastructure and regulatory challenges – all create uncertainty for participants in Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

At Deloitte we pride ourselves on our integrated view of the risks posed by these forces.

Working across each sector, we help our clients:

  • Identify, assess and provide assurance over business operations, strategy and transformation programs in the context of this rapidly changing environment
  • Transform their organisation to amplify the current risks they face
  • Demystify looming risks
  • Build preparedness for risks that are anticipated further into the future.

Our aim is to help our clients understand their changing risk environment, so they can make informed decisions on the way ahead with confidence.


Read more about risk and online delivery and delve into some of our services that are addressing significant risk issues in Technology, Media and Telecommunications:




Companies in the technology industry don't react to change; they create it. While other businesses may have the luxury of keeping up with change, technology companies must stay far ahead of it.

Our technology specialists understand the importance of remaining in control at times of change by helping our clients remain focused on providing secure solutions to their clients and maximising revenue through contract compliance.



Technological innovation and the revolution in communications it creates bring both opportunity and risk in the media marketplace. The routes to market are multiplying and revenue opportunities are expanding and becoming more complex.

Our media specialists have developed insight into the changing dynamics that drive the media industry and help our clients transform their risk management capability and provide assurance that risks remain in check through internal audit, technology and project assurance.



Telecommunications is at the forefront of social and business change in the 21st century. As technologies such as Smartphones, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless broadband gain momentum and spawn new business models, the question is who will reap the rewards? The winners will be those who best navigate the evolving landscape.

Our specialists provide a depth of experience across the industry with deep technical knowledge that is leveraged by our clients to build confidence that the risks in an evolving landscape remain in check.