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Risk in Energy and Resources

The Energy and Resources industry is facing a wide range of complex challenges and increased shareholder, management and market scrutiny from digital disruption, increased regulations, business model diversification, productivity and financing challenges and sustainability imperatives.

There are a growing number of risks that could result from these challenges, potentially affecting multiple facets of an organisation.

In this environment, boards and shareholders would seek assurances that appropriate corporate governance is in place to address the multiple risks that could result from these challenges.

At the same time, they would seek assurances that other pressing issues and associated risks are factored into strategic planning, such as compliance requirements, geopolitical issues, an increased focus on health and safety, performance improvement, adoption of new technology and related security and continuity concerns.

Deloitte’s Energy and Resources risk specialists can work with our clients to help them realise the worth of an intelligent risk strategy, to protect and create value.


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The Power sector faces a number of challenges driven by digital disruption, greater scrutiny, increased regulatory focus, emerging technologies and diversification of business models.

Our clients can work with our industry risk specialists, accessing a depth of risk advice and experience to build confidence that the risks in the evolving power landscape can be understood and addressed for their organisation.

Oil and Gas


Export investment competition, issues around capital project execution, domestic gas pricing concerns and the need for a productivity focus for operations are some of the significant issues in the Oil and Gas sector.

Our teams understand the importance of developing a risk intelligent strategy to enable growth in this sector; addressing pressing issues for our clients and leveraging the right controls, technology strategies and processes.



The Mining sector currently faces the imperative of increasing productivity, financing challenges, government regulations and the need, in some cases, to improve community relations.

Our risk advisors are experienced working with the challenges of the Mining sector and offer the right transformation capabilities and risk-led assurances through our technology, project and internal audit capabilities.



The Water sector is under greater scrutiny, with an increased focus on assets and capital deployment and sustainability imperatives.

Our depth of insight into these issues informed by our ability to amplify, demystify and anticipate known risks to the sector, ensure we provide the most appropriate risk intelligent advice to help our clients meet their project and growth objectives.