Advancing Australia: Harnessing our comparative energy advantage

How the oil and gas investment boom is delivering a major economic boost


Advancing Australia: Harnessing our comparitive energy advantageAustralia’s oil and gas sector is embarking on major new investments — separately, they represent some of the biggest projects ever undertaken in this country; and collectively, they account for around 35.4% of all business investment.

This multi-billion dollar investment is delivering a major, and wide ranging economic boost, and is set to make Australia the world’s second largest exporter of liquefied natural gas.

To quantify the economy-wide effect of the oil and gas sector’s expansion, Deloitte Access Economics has produced the report Advancing Australia: Harnessing our comparative energy advantage for the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA).

It shows that the industry’s direct and indirect economic linkages are both broader and deeper than commonly appreciated. They are particularly visible in the thriving resource service hubs of Brisbane and Perth. But there is also a tangible, and largely unrecognised, economic connection between these major projects and broader community welfare.

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Advancing Australia: Harnessing our comparative energy advantage

Deloitte Access Economics report, June 2012 | 93 pages