Infrastructure delivery services expertise

Helping our clients through the lifecycle of any project

Many projects needlessly fail to deliver their promised benefits as a result of a poor understanding of how to project-manage success. Often, this failure takes the form of a focus on process at the expense of outcome.
It’s a given that planning and process are key factors. However, if these elements are not constantly held accountable to the rigour of a commercial, ‘real-world’ analysis, you face the danger of owning a beautifully executed project that fails to deliver its intended outcomes.
Major projects go through four stages: initial consideration through feasibility and procurement to realisation of benefits.
Our infrastructure delivery services team is made up of multidisciplinary specialists from across the firm that are able to provide services throughout the entire lifecycle, not just any one phase. Their expertise includes:

Organisational strategy and improvement planning

  • strategic business review
  • service performance audits
  • policy development
  • benchmarking
  • economic advisory and modelling
  • data analytics.

Project feasibility

  • transaction planning and management
  • delivery options and financing structures
  • risk analysis and planning
  • financial modelling and infrastructure pricing
  • project taxation
  • customs and imports.

Project procurement

  • commercial structuring and negotiation
  • procurement planning and implementation
  • procurement due diligence
  • probity management
  • contract management planning.

Services delivery and benefits realisation

  • business integration
  • people and change management
  • benefits realisation
  • services benchmarking
  • accounting requirements.