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The Agribusiness Advisory team focuses on national and local industry as well as cross-industry insights and trends. This includes the recent history of agribusiness as well as some of the drivers we expect to shape the future of the industry. The outlook appears bright however there are significant challenges which need to be met to ensure industry survival and growth. Those challenges are discussed in our fortnightly newsletter the Agribusiness Bulletin.

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We welcome any questions or comments about issues you would like to see covered in the future. Contact the Agribusiness Advisory team

More Insights

  • The war on weeds – two perspectives on paraquat
    Herbicide resistance is a complex issue, involving economic, health and environmental considerations. We present two different perspectives on the impacts of paraquat – a chemical to address herbicide resistant weeds.
    September 2014 | 1 page
  • Rural R&D for Profit program: $100m in research funding
    This funding will provide opportunities for both agribusiness companies and researchers so if you have a research project in mind, this new Rural R&D for Profit initiative may be suitable for you.
    August 2014 | 1 page
  • Australian weather conditions explained
    Weather underlies how we live and Australia farmers can be heavily impacted by its uncertainty. Here we seek to demystify the language and how different weather influences impact the Australian climate.
    August 2014 | 1 page
  • Ag in the Asian Century
    What does growing demand for food and agriculture products in Asia really mean for Australian business? The upcoming Ag in the Asian Century – National Export and Innovation Conference explores these questions.
    August 2014 | 1 page
  • State of Queensland Agriculture
    Recently released State of Queensland agriculture report set the baseline to measure its Government's ambitious agricultural production strategy.
    July 2014 | 1 page