Your Personal CFO

ExecutiveOne™Executives and professionals in Australia are used to the day to day pressures of managing complex business decisions in their work life. 

They often struggle to find the time to place the same focus on their personal affairs, including managing multiple advisers, maximising their complex benefits packages and dealing with tax, investment, superannuation and insurance arrangements.

The result is that many may feel stressed or unsure about their financial situation. Juggling finances takes time away from other priorities such as family, work and lifestyle pursuits.

Deloitte Private offers a unique 'Personal CFO' solution– also available as part of corporate benefit plans – which aims to be the highest-impact benefit for professionals and executives from Australia's top private and public businesses.

ExecutiveOne simplifies the complexity of personal finances and can be delivered as part of an organisation's attraction, retention and productivity strategies for key personnel, helping professionals, executives and their families make informed financial choices while freeing up time and focus.

What does ExecutiveOne™ provide?

  • A personal Financial Health Check provides ExecutiveOneclients with an independent financial benchmark, identifying areas of risk and opportunity 
  • A secure online site is provided to store and view your important documents and allow you to track your progress 
  • Ongoing support is provided by a dedicated team, including your Personal CFO, who will assist with managing all aspects of your arrangements, including specialist tax advice for interstate or overseas postings 
  • We can also coordinate with any third-party advisers, such as bankers, lawyers, and brokers on your behalf.

To learn more about how ExecutiveOnecan benefit you or the executives and professionals who lead your organisation, please contact us.