Deloitte | Tech Trends 2012 Deloitte’s annual Technology Trends report examines technology put to practical business use. The 2012 report details the top 10 emerging and disruptive technologies that are expected to play a crucial role in how businesses operate in 2012 and beyond.
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The trends

1. Social Business 1. Social Business 1. Social Business
Social Business
Reimagining business with a social mindset
2. Gamification2. Gamification2. Gamification
Gaming gets serious
3. Enterprise Mobility Unleashed3. Enterprise Mobility Unleashed3. Enterprise Mobility Unleashed
Enterprise Mobility Unleashed
Businesses are embracing mobility. Now comes the hard part. IT?
4. User Empowerment4. User Empowerment4. User Empowerment
User Empowerment
The end-user renaissance forces a disruptive shift in IT
5. Hyper-hybrid Cloud - Adoption moves from cloud to clouds 5. Hyper-hybrid Cloud - Adoption moves from cloud to clouds 5. Hyper-hybrid Cloud - Adoption moves from cloud to clouds
Hyper-hybrid Cloud
Adoption moves from cloud to clouds, and hybrid emerges as a dominant model
6. Big Data Goes to Work 6. Big Data Goes to Work 6. Big Data Goes to Work
Big Data Goes to Work
The competition between big data and traditional enterprise data is over: they both win
7. Geospatial Visualization 7. Geospatial Visualization 7. Geospatial Visualization
Geospatial Visualization
Where matters
8. Digital Identities 8. Digital Identities 8. Digital Identities
Digital Identities
Managing identity in an increasingly digital world
9. Measured Innovation 9. Measured Innovation 9. Measured Innovation
Measured Innovation
Innovation is shifting from "eureka" to an institutional discipline
10. Outside-in Architecture 10. Outside-in Architecture 10. Outside-in Architecture
Outside-in Architecture
Finding the sweet spot between ‘need to share’ and ‘need to own’

This year’s theme, Elevate IT for digital business, examines the broad impacts of five technology forces that have influenced our reports over the past several years – analytics, mobility, social, cloud and cyber security.  

What makes Technology Trends unique from other trends reports? Each trend that we select must be actionable, that is, you can do something to the business to achieve improvement. 

Our 2012 trends are grouped into two categories:

Disruptors are technologies that can create sustainable positive disruption in IT capabilities, business operations and sometimes even business models.

Enablers are technologies in which many CIOs have already invested time and effort, but which warrant another look this year because of new developments. Enablers may be more evolutionary than revolutionary, but the potential is there to elevate the business game with technology.

Each of these 2012 trends is relevant today. Each has significant momentum and potential to make an impact. Each warrants timely consideration. Forward-thinking organizations should consider developing an explicit strategy in each area – even if that strategy is to wait and see. But whatever you do, step up. Use the digital forces to your advantage. Don’t get caught unaware or unprepared.

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