Tech Trends 2013

Elements of post-digital


Deloitte's annual Technology Trends report examines the ever-evolving landscape of technology put to practical business use. It identifies the 10 technology trends that we believe have the most potential to impact business over the next 18 to 24 months.

The theme of this year's report is Elements of post-digital. It looks more deeply into the five forces of postdigital affecting business that we introduced in Tech Trends 2012: cloud, mobile, social, analytics and cyber.

As we have worked more deeply with these elements of post-digital, we find that it's the combination of these five forces that makes the largest impact, the most significant advantage and the biggest difference to business.

We invite you to view the brief overview video and read a summary of each of the 10 trends through the links below.




Our 2013 trends are grouped into two categories:

Disruptors are opportunities that can create sustainable positive disruption in IT capabilities, business operations, and sometimes even business models.

Enablers are technologies in which many CIOs have already invested time and effort, but which warrant another look because of new developments or opportunities.


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