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Program leadership

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Deloitte supports our clients in developing their program management approaches across their program portfolios. As part of this, we can provide experienced professionals to initiate, sustain and transfer leading practice program management skills and knowledge.

We approach the development of program management through a consistent framework focusing on the following activities:

  • Developing a program management leadership group to translate policies and strategy into project activities
  • Promoting consensus on a unified governance and risk approach which applies common measures and reporting across the program
  • Embedding a universal set of program processes, competencies and tools across the program
  • Identifying employees with relevant skills and experience to manage programs, while supplementing, as necessary, any gaps in capability with appropriate specialist advisers
  • Developing of an integrated and interactive planning and delivery methodology and process which helps manage demand, activity and resource
  • Embedding a standard program reporting lifecycle providing a common language for the program.

Deloitte has developed our Intelligent PMO approach, consisting of six distinct, but interconnected, dimensions to provide project assurance across the project lifecycle:

  • Program design
  • Outcome management
  • Program support
  • Risk and issue management
  • Planning and progress reporting
  • Stakeholder management.

This approach helps management avoid common causes of project failure and can be adapted to all industries or project types.