Enterprise transformation

Operations excellence

Enterprise transformation

Whether your aim is to reduce costs by removing bottlenecks, to improve safety, or to drive growth by improving productivity and customer service, we can help you achieve measurable business improvement. Deloitte’s Operations Excellence consulting practice has experience and expertise in operating at the nexus of strategy and delivery. From enterprise cost reduction to customer-centric operating model design through to lean, productive process implementation, we are relentless in keeping you one step ahead on the path to transforming your operations and achieving your strategic goals.

In good times and bad

Many organisations are wrestling with disruptive changes in the business and regulatory environment. Retailers are experiencing a growing trend towards Internet purchasing, often from offshore sites. Consumer goods companies face increased competition from retailers’ private labels. Manufacturing is under pressure from the high Australian dollar and environmental regulations that could have a significant impact on costs. Mining and resources companies must deal with the challenges of once in a lifetime growth, including security of supply of business critical goods and services. Utility companies are faced with greater scrutiny of their cost to serve and a drive towards greater retail contestability. Providers of financial services must understand and respond to the raft of global and local regulatory change from Basel III and FATCA to FOFA and Stronger Super. This magnifies the need for responsive operating models and ultra-efficient cost structures to compete in today’s market.

This need applies equally to businesses engaged in M&A activity. Those that are divesting need to eliminate overheads, which had previously been spread across a larger portfolio of businesses. Aquiring companies need to achieve significant cost savings to justify whatever price premium they have paid.

In all of these situations a productive, efficient operating model is critical for success and ongoing competitiveness.

How Deloitte can help

Breakthrough performance requires a combination of innovative thinking and disciplined follow-through. Our comprehensive and well-established approach to Enterprise Transformation is designed to help organisations design operating models and cost structures that fit their business goals. In adition to our core consulting capability, our access to a global network of leading capabilities in Tax, Finance, Accounting, and Technology Integration enables us to help find opportunities that other firms might miss.


  • Operating model design
  • Productivity improvement
  • Large scale cost reduction
  • Lean six sigma
  • Post-merger integration.