mortgagesManaging your portfolio superbly

Deloitte Actuaries is a pre-eminent mortgage advisory in Australia. Our team brings together multi-disciplinary expertise and experience to provide maximum value for our clients.

A value based approach

Our value based approach provides a deep insight and awareness into lifetime value based sales and mortgage retention strategies, essential in today’s consumer driven market where access and comparison has made it easier to evaluate and move between providers.

We can assist you in the following ways:

  • Managing your mortgage portfolio by lifetime value provides insight into accurate profit and value drivers
  • Gaining a sophisticated understanding of lifetime value focused sales and retention strategies significantly adds to the value of the overall mortgage portfolio
  • Forecasting repayment rates, an important customer incentive and value driver, through a deep understanding of consumer behaviour to predict future behaviour
  • Understanding how to measure and maximise business valuation is critical. We assist management in valuing its loan book, its entire operations and in undergoing IPO or merger & acquisition activities.

Using business projections and forecasting combined with risk assessment, evaluation and financial modelling, Deloitte Actuaries serve a variety of Australian corporations including:

  • Three of the top four Australian banks
  • Regional banks and credit unions
  • Key mortgage broker firms.