Treasury and Capital Markets

SpecialisationDeloitte’s Treasury team consists of specialists who combine financial, accounting, quantitative and risk management expertise to provide solutions associated with derivatives and financial instruments. The skills sets traverse the spectrum of issues including:

  • Determination of the right hedge strategy
  • Controls over treasury
  • Preparation of the treasury policy over market risk, credit risk liquidity risk, capital management and operational risk
  • Model assessment
  • Internal audit assessment of treasury 
  • Valuation of financial instruments including share based payments
  • Accounting issues associated with financial instruments.

Traditionally and for many companies, technical skills for financial risk management , internal control and accounting implications have been largely mutually exclusive. Our team has the expertise to cover all of these areas and fill gaps as required by companies from time to time.

Our solutions

  • Fair valuation
    Our Capital Markets and Financial Instruments Advisory (FIAS) team offers a variety of services tailored to assist your specific valuation requirements. Contact our experts to find out how we can help you…
  • Treasury and Capital Markets specialists
    In recognition of the complexities of AASB 139, Deloitte has a dedicated ‘Financial Instruments Advisory Team’, whose sole focus is to assist organisations to practically deal with the interpretation, documentation, valuation and accounting entries required by the standard. Find out more…
  • Accounting for derivatives, hedging and financial instruments
    Preparing financial reports and management information has become extremely timely and complex in the A-IFRS world. Our technology, coupled with our financial reporting expertise, enables an efficient and cost-effective approach to the preparation of such information. Find out more…
  • Treasury and Capital Markets advisory services
    Rigorous accounting standards and reporting requirements increase the stress on treasury resources at all levels. Deloitte provides an array of services across all aspects of treasury management, from assisting firms to formulate strategic decision making frameworks (across all financial markets) through to the enabling of more efficient day-to-day processes. Find out more…
  • The treasury control environment
    Financial scandals have been highlighted in the media to great effect. No one wants to be the next headline. Our Capital Markets and Financial Instruments Advisory team specialises in reviewing the treasury control environment for their effectiveness. Find out more...
  • AASB 7 financial instruments disclosures
    How ready are you? The IFRS standard has the capacity to cause year end timetables to be missed and significantly raise stress levels of accounting staff. Let Deloitte help make this a painless transition and implementation that adds relevant and reliable information to your financial statements…
  • Financial risk management
    The challenges of financial risk management can seem daunting and difficult to solve, particularly as organisations’ may have time constraints and issues with adequate staffing resource to address such issues. Let us help by providing an independent viewpoint on your treasury function. Find out more…