Deloitte wins Design Award for Audit


13 June 2013: In a first for a professional services firm, Deloitte has been awarded an Australian International Design AwardTM for its audit services.

The Australian International Design Awards are one of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world, reflecting excellence in Australian design in categories such as consumer electronics, domestic appliances, furniture and more recently commercial services – the category in which Deloitte picked up its Design AwardTM.

In presenting the Design AwardTM Good Design Australia recognised Deloitte’s commitment to applying design thinking principles to better understand client needs and harness the power of a new generation of technology, content, professional mindsets and behaviours to cut through complexity, identify risks and design a highly effective and different audit experience.

Cindy Hook, National Assurance and Advisory leader for Deloitte, said: “It is fantastic to get this sort of recognition of our commitment to innovation.  This award is a wonderful milestone in our ongoing journey to change the way audit services are experienced, using a combination of data analytics, design thinking and a committed team of professionals. We are continuing to evolve the audit experience by investing in a culture that encourages professional scepticism, forward thinking and agility.”

Every Deloitte audit is different, and the Design AwardTM recognised some of the key innovative elements used by Deloitte auditors, including:

  • 10 Ways to think differently - the Deloitte audit is driven by the ‘10 Ways’ which get Deloitte auditors thinking differently about how to conduct an audit.
  • Walking in the client’s shoes - a key part of an audit is to understand the individuals and business concerned, intimately.  
  • Data visualisation – understanding and interpreting data is at the core of any audit.  The Deloitte audit applies different lenses to bring data to life and give it visual and financial meaning.
  • Making the invisible visible – the Deloitte audit brings the audit process alive and encourages greater client and auditor interaction, using workshopping techniques to bring data to life in the audit room on flipcharts, post-it notes and butcher paper.
  • Simplicity of message – by combining data visualisation techniques, understanding of the business and asking clients what is most important to them, Deloitte auditors provide clarity on complex issues and communicate audit findings in a simple and meaningful way.


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